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Submitted by Eduardo Aranha on

Talking about development, I believe it's also important to talk about a sustainability. I don't know if my prediction will be right for this year (or if it's even a predcition), but I think that developing countries, like India for instance, could benefit a lot by thinking about a sustainable development.

Problems like poverty, health and quality of life could be solved. And I don't even talk about the environment and all that is happening with the climate - the major problem that is turning the attention of great countries to the topic of sustainable development.

It's shocking knowing that a great part of India population still lives in the dark, without electric energy. That, I believe, is the major barrier to development. By investing in renewable energies, they can light up the rural areas and improve the life quality. A few days ago I read a article about this problem: If India can find a solution in solar energy, other developing countires should also seek ways to apply the same strategy.