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Submitted by Lance Horsman on

Hi Jishnu

Thank you for the very good article. I live in south Africa, and am a MBL student at Unisa. I have been in business management for the past 15 years, have owned several small business, which I began at the age of 19, because I couldn't find employment as a marginalised white male. I am currently 38. I would just like to add a comment on your colleagues observation that they discuss over drinks the fact that the poverty that they aleviate should not be utilised to buy drinks. I would only add, that if you can afford to pay for your beer, and all of your other expenses are covered, and you'r contributing in general, then you've earned the right to buy a beer if you want to.

The problem is not the fact that poor people may buy a beer - it is the irresponsible use of funds provided which will perpetuate the situation in which they live. This just means more handouts later on. One of the deep, psychological reasons that people give to charitable institutions is because they want to make a difference. If they give money that goes towards 'sin' type items (cigarettes and alcohol) they are no longer making a difference - they are simply enabling a drunk. Nobody want to be that enabler.

thank you