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Submitted by ato sam-ghartey on

hi, i am a marketing officer with an insurance company in ghana, and i have read your piece, it is quiet elucidating, the issue with this donor instructions on how aid must be used is quiet mind boggling at times,in my country GHana, a member of parliament, gave a brief description of how money given to poor men to improve their well being have found their way in wasteful ventures. He regretted thathe should have rather channeled the cash to the wife of this poor man, who in his view would have helped to improve upon the lot of that man and his family.In another issue a woman who's daughter was engaged in prostitution at the age of 12 years because the mother could not get money to feed them was asked by a radio presenter how much the girl's mother will need as capital to start a business to feed her household, the woman said ghc300.00 was enough for her, and subsequently she was given ghc500.00 to her surprise, to conclude women when given donor aid tend to utilize those monies prudently than if it is given to a man.