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Submitted by Jishnu on

Thanks, Ato for sharing your thoughts. So, here is something interesting. In the first conditional cash transfer, PROGRESA in Mexico, the transfers were made to women precisely because people thought that women would manage the money and spend it better. However, since then several studies have given the transfers either to men or women and tried to see whether it makes a difference. There are two kinds of results. When given to households, it appears to make little difference on a host of measures. When given to smal businesses, if the business owner is a women, the cash has little impact on profits, but if the business owner is a man, it boosts profits and this boost lasts a while. I think this is one of the very important trends that has started in the work that the research group here at The World Bank, and wider in the development community--which is to really try things out, often with surprising results. What do you think?