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Submitted by Christiana on

I think this is an excellent commentary on a social situation that is becoming critically important with the ever widening gap between the affluent and the poor. Apart from the narrative of blame attributed to the poor, there is the equally false idea that the rich or affluent obtained their wealth solely through better choices or harder work. On the contrary multiple studies have shown that there is very little social mobility across generations. By and large if you are born to privilege and affluences, you are much more likely to attend the same good universities your parents attended, obtain better education and have the luxury to make better choices. Conversely for the poor, when your short term choices involve deciding between food for the next meal or buying text books for your child, it may not be easy to make the choices that allow for improvement over the long term. Sure, there are a few rare individuals who are able to ascend the social hierarchy, but that is not the norm.