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Thank you Ato and Jishnu for sharing the thoughts above. On the issue of whether men or women would do better with donated money, I had a lot of trial and error experiments in Nigeria and Kenya about 4 years ago and concluded that impoverished enterprising women produced more growth with small capitals under $500 than men. When the investment was over $500, men performed better and there are lots of social reasons for that. This experiment was on a small sample size but it allowed us (ICAfrica)to focus our small charity's operation to work with women because we did not have a lot of funds to risk. This decision also meant that we were able to reach a lot more women, supporting more impoverished children. We measured impact of intervention by how much it improved the recipient family per dollar spent. Also, our risks were low because we targeted only those women who were already very busy trying to create viable economic income sources for their families. They already knew how they wanted to grow their ventures to earn the income that will bring their families above the poverty line but did not have the small capital required and were un-bankable.