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Submitted by Yvonne on

I liked your blog especially as you wish to give a voice to the poor. There is not a one size fits all solution. Many people will have to do many different things, but first and foremost, you must talk to the poor and ask them want they need and want. Then ask them to prioritise their needs and wants. When they have made the decision you assist in the aquisition of the necessary skills and tools. Then and only then do you get on with the project. The key to success is not the various capital projects but EMPOWERMENT.
If the poor are not brought into the decision making process they will forever remain poor because they remain powerless.

Secondly, the projects do not have to be big and grandiose. In my opinion a series of small locally managed, successful projects will be more easily implemented, and easier to just its effectiveness at every stage. Such projects are more likely to succeed and therefore be more cost effective; at the same time bring expertise and confidence to the local community.