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Submitted by Boris Montorescu on

Now that you are mentioning health, I think we should become even more alarmed. All the health ministers have adopted Universal Health Coverage as their most important goal. They talk about nothing else for two years now. They want it to be an MDG. They are very excited about the scheme which is sort of the opposite of attaining health results. UHC is mainly about giving much more money to the Minister of Health to build more facilities and to pay for more doctors. If there is any thought given to clean water, less smog, safe roads, prevention of contagious diseases and other public health investments, it is not mentioned by the Health Ministers when they lobby for UHC. Somehow they do not mention the doctors who are on the payroll but are not in the clinic.

So what is THE RESULT that should be achieved? Surely not UHC.

If illness is prevented the doctors (nurses, pharma firms) do not need to be paid for what amounts to an increasing societal deadweith loss, no?

But where is the societal demand for preventing disease through public health policy and investments? Wherever this demand is, it is not showing up in the conferences of Health Ministers on UHC.