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Submitted by Kanono Thabane on

I think that the development process to achieve the MDGs on Poverty should not be driven on the prospect of programs trying to trying to achieve global competitiveness but rather achieving food security and eliminating malnutrition. Once this issues are addressed then growth will be witnessed. This will require on improving the livelihoods of marginalised rural populations as compared to striving for export orientated economies which are competitive globally at the expense of the poor under the banner of creating employment. The day we understand that rural economies which usually boast at least 70 percent of most developing countries are more important than Macro-economies and export orientated Foreign Direct Investment then we would be able to solve the poverty problems in developing countries. In order to solve this problems then it is essential that we understand the main source of rural livelihoods which are mainly based on natural resources and then strive for making them sustainable in a poverty reducing approach. In brief my argument is that we need to localise programs and downscale them from a National level and to a household level and understand the household dynamics which are the main sources of poverty. Responses have to take in question the main sources of vulnerability and one will find that issues like climate change are one of the main contributing factors and the capacity to adapt is limited at a household and National level. Let us improve targeting and downscale social protection then we can start debating the global competitiveness and regional models that work. Let us stop parachuting ideas and adopt a bottom up approach.