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Submitted by Benim on

Many thanks for the thoughtful and considered response. The question was indeed posed provocatively, but not cavalierly so. Perhaps a reflection of frustration with a large institution that wants to do good but is weighed down by its own processes and culture as well as clients that are too big, too frail, or too geo-politically important to let go off. So, how does one move forward? Better and more varied communication is certainly necessary even if not always sufficient. But here again if the Bank talks the same talk to the same venues it will have the same effect as continuing on with the same analytic and financial instruments no matter the impact. Reaching the poor indeed, but how is the question, especially when governments and the World Bank's mandate to stay engaged with them often stand in the way. Perhaps, though, the recent decision on an Uganda World Bank loan does presage a different model of engagement, we shall see.