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Submitted by Kasia Staszewska on


Thank you very much for this very informative post. I am very new to the debate on public services, so pls forgive me if my questions are the ones long answered in the experts circles. I do wonder, however, what are your views on more kind of structural macro-economic challenges for providing services for people. Bering in mind that money is not the golden thread or the SOLUTION it is still impossible to deliver services for poor people without the proper financing. I would be very interested to learn what are your views on the fiscal and monetary policies and the role they can play in supporting service delivery. Also within the context of the private sector, I do agree there is no ‘either or’, yet one should be careful about the ‘straightforward’ advocacy hence we have seen the biased results it can produce, for example when relying on the private sector to generate employment. Nevertheless, I would be very keen to learn more about the private sector in service delivery. Can anyone help me by pointing to good sources (but more global or regional rather than national) that illustrate the trends, private vs public ? Many thanks!