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Abha Joshi-Ghani's picture
Abha Joshi-Ghani is the Director for Knowledge and Learning at the World Bank in the Change Knowledge and Learning Vice Presidency. She headed the Urban... Read more »
Adu-Gyamfi Abunyewa's picture
Adu-Gyamfi Abunyewa is a Senior Procurement Specialist in the Hanoi, Vietnam Office of the Public Integrity and Openness Department, Governance Global... Read more »
Alaka Holla's picture

Alaka Holla is an Economist in the Office of the Chief Economist of the Human Development Network. Her area of research is focused on measuring the... Read more »

Alejandro Guerrero Ruiz's picture
Alejandro Guerrero Ruiz is a public sector management specialist at the Word Bank, currently focusing on tax administration and public finance... Read more »
Alina Rocha Menocal's picture
Originally from Mexico, Alina is a Research Fellow in the Politics and Governance Programme at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), with particular... Read more »
Ana Bellver Vazquez-Dodero's picture
Ana Bellver is a Senior Public Management and Governance specialist with the World Bank.  After joining in 2004 as a Young Professional, her career... Read more »
Asli Gurkan's picture
Asli Gurkan is a Social Development Specialist at the Social Development Department, the World Bank. Her specialization and interest areas are... Read more »
Audrey Sacks's picture
Audrey Sacks is an extended term consultant in the World Bank Institute's Governance Practice currently focusing on political economy, procurement... Read more »
Ba Liu Nguyen's picture
Ba Liu Nguyen is a Procurement Specialist for the World Bank’s Governance Global Practice, in the Public Integrity and Openness Department. Liu Ba is a... Read more »
Betty Bigombe's picture

Betty Bigombe, a Ugandan national, has played a key role in conflict resolution in Africa. She led the peace and humanitarian efforts in northern U... Read more »

Blair Glencorse's picture
Blair Glencorse is Executive Director of the Accountabiltiy Lab - an organization that co-creates innovative solutons to accountability problems in the... Read more »
Brendan Halloran's picture

Brendan Halloran is a Program Officer at the Transparency and Accountability Initiative, leading on issues of Impact and Learning. This workstream ... Read more »

Bryan C. Land's picture
Bryan C. Land is a lead mining specialist at the World Bank and has been developing the Bank’s research into the opportunities and challenges faced by... Read more »
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Catherine Anderson's picture
Catherine Anderson is a Senior Public Sector Governance Specialist who has worked in the East Asia and Africa Regions of the World Bank. Her particular... Read more »
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Célestin Monga, a Cameroonian national, is Economic Advisor to the World Bank Senior Vice President and Chief Economist. In his 13-year career in the... Read more »

Cem Dener's picture
Cem Dener is a senior public sector specialist within the PREM Governance and Public Sector Management practice. Since 2004, h has been working on the... Read more »
Christina Biebesheimer's picture
Christing Biebesheimer is Chief Counsel of the Justice Reform Practice Group in the Legal Vice-Presidency of the World Bank. Prior to joining the Bank... Read more »
Christopher Pollitt's picture
Christopher Pollitt is BOF/ZAP Research Professor of Public Management at the Public Management Institute, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Previously... Read more »
Colin Talbot's picture
Colin Talbot is Professor of Public Policy and Management at the Manchester Business School. He also serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the International... Read more »
Cyprian Fisiy's picture

Cyprian Fisiy is Director of the Social Development Department in the World Bank’s Sustainable Development Network. He joined the... Read more »

Daniel Nogueira-Budny's picture
Daniel Nogueira-Budny works for the Open Aid Partnership of the World Bank Group's Innovation Labs. His professional background includes positions at... Read more »
David Booth's picture

David Booth is currently director of the Africa Power and Politics Programme, a consortium research initiative supported by DFID and Irish Aid. He ... Read more »

Dena Ringold's picture

Dena Ringold is a Senior Economist in the Human Development Network, Office of the Chief Economist. Her research interests include governance,... Read more »

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Deval Desai is a Justice, Conflict and Governance Specialist in the Governance Global Practice of the World Bank and works on rule of law and grievance... Read more »
Ditte Fallesen's picture
Ditte Fallesen is a Senior Operations Officer and Task Team Leader of the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund, the World Bank’s largest programmatic... Read more »
Doug Porter's picture
Doug Porter is Senior Justice and Rule of Law Specialist, World Bank. He is also Adjunct Professor in the Coral Bell School of... Read more »
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I am currently the Practice Manager for Social Development in the World Bank’s Europe and Central Asia (ECA) region.  I lead a team of about 35... Read more »
Emile van der Does de Willebois's picture
Emile van der Does de Willebois started his career working for the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former... Read more »
Emily Tavoulareas's picture
Emily has spent more than seven years using digital technologies to effectively identify, engage and activate communities around the world. Through her... Read more »
Enzo de Laurentiis's picture
Enzo de Laurentiis is currently a Practice Manager in the Governance Global Practice, Public Integrity and Openness Unit of the World Bank and focuses... Read more »
Eva Melis's picture
Eva Melis is a legal professional within the Justice Reform Practice Group of the World Bank's Legal Vice Presidency. She has worked as an advisor on... Read more »
Felipe Estefan's picture
Felipe Estefan specializes on Open Government and Citizen Engagement. Estefan is currently part of the Public Integrity and Openness Department in the... Read more »
Felix Marco Conteh's picture
Felix Marco Conteh is Program Officer for the Justice for the Poor Program, in the Governance Global Practice of the World Bank, working on Sierra Leone... Read more »
Francesca Recanatini's picture

Francesca has worked on governance, integrity and corruption since the beginning of her career working at the Center of Institutional Reform... Read more »

Graham Scott's picture
Graham Scott was economic adviser in the New Zealand Prime Minister’s Dept. 1977-1980, Asst. Secretary for economic and fiscal policy 1981-1985 and... Read more »
Hamish Nixon's picture

Hamish is an experienced governance specialist working at the intersections of decentralisation and democratisation, public finance and service del... Read more »

Hassane Cisse's picture
Hassane Cisse is currently Director, Governance and Inclusive Institutions, Governance Global Practice, at the World Bank. In this... Read more »
Heather Lyne de Ver's picture
Heather Lyne de Ver manages the Developmental Leadership Program (DLP), an international research... Read more »
Heidi Tavakoli's picture
Heidi Tavakoli is a Research Fellow within the Centre for Aid and Public Expenditure (CAPE).  Her work relates to public financial management (PFM)... Read more »
Heike Gramckow's picture
Dr. Heike Gramckow is Acting Practice Manager and Lead Counsel with the Justice, Rights and Public Security unit in the Governance Global Practice of... Read more »
Ian Walker's picture
Ian Walker is a Lead Economist in the Latin Aamerica and Caribbean Social Protection team. Trained at Oxford in the UK, he joined the World Bank in 2005... Read more »
Ivor Beazley's picture
Ivor Beazley is a lead public sector specialist at the Word Bank, currently focusing on public finance management issues in Europe and Central Asia. He... Read more »
James A. Schmidt's picture
James A. Schmidt is counsel with the international law firm of Hunton & Williams LLP. With more than 25 years of experience, Mr. Schmidt focuses on... Read more »
Jana Kunicova's picture
Jana Kunicová is a Senior Public Sector Specialist at the World Bank, working on improving public sector performance (service delivery; strategic... Read more »
Jared Schott's picture
Jared Schott is a Governance and Justice Specialist in the World Bank’s Governance Global Practice, where his work focuses on inclusive governance,... Read more »
Jeff Thindwa's picture
Jeff Thindwa, a Malawi national, is Practice Manager in the World Bank’s Governance and Inclusive Institutions Directorate, where he leads the work... Read more »
Jingrong He's picture
Jingrong He has been working with the Procurement Team of the World Bank’s Beijing office for 16 years, and she has been a Procurement Specialist since... Read more »
Joanna Watkins's picture
Joanna A. Watkins joined the World Bank in 2009 as a Program Coordinator for the Public Sector Performance Global Expert Team and is... Read more »
Joe Wales's picture
Joe joined the Politics and Governance team at ODI in August 2012. He is a graduate of Oxford University and has an MPA in International Development... Read more »
Joel Turkewitz's picture
Joel Turkewitz is currently the Program Coordinator for the Regional Governance Hub, based in Bangkok, Thailand. Joel joined the Bank in 2000 as Senior... Read more »
John J. Beardsworth's picture
John J. Beardsworth, Jr., is head of the business practice group of the international law firm Hunton & Williams LLP and a member of the firm’s... Read more »
John Kamensky's picture
Mr. Kamensky is a senior fellow with the IBM Center for The Business of Government, where he is passionate about helping transform government to be more... Read more »
Jonas Moberg's picture
Jonas Moberg is currently the Head of Secretariat of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).  Before joining the EITI, he... Read more »
Jordan Holt's picture
Jordan Holt is the Coordinator of the Indicators of the Strength of Public Management Systems (ISPMS) initiative at the World Bank. ISPMS aims to... Read more »
Joseph Mansilla's picture
Joseph Mansilla works with the Public Integrity and Openness Department of the Governance Global Practice. Prior to joining the World Bank, Joseph was a... Read more »
Julia Mensah's picture
Julia Mensah is an Extended Term Consultant in the World Bank Institute's Health Systems Practice. In this capacity she provides technical support to... Read more »
Kai Kaiser's picture

Kai Kaiser has been Senior Economist with the World Bank in Manila since early 2012, where his engagement has focused primarily on issues of public... Read more »

Kate Bridges's picture
Kate is a Governance and Public Sector specialist working with the World Bank in Zambia. She routinely engages with government, civil society, private... Read more »
Katherine Anne Bain's picture

Katherine Bain attended the University of Manchester where she graduated with a joint Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Modern Langu... Read more »

Kathrin Frauscher's picture
Kathrin Frauscher is Operations Officer for WBI's Open Government group.  She has worked in the sectors of Public Administration, specifically in... Read more »
Kerina Wang's picture
Kerina Biou Wang works in the Governance Global Practice at the World Bank. Prior to joining the World Bank, Kerina managed strategy development... Read more »
Kevin Stephenson's picture
Kevin Stephenson is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist with the Financial Market Integrity Unit at the World Bank. Prior to joining the World Bank, he... Read more »
Linda Van Gelder's picture

Linda Van Gelder is Director, Governance and Public Sector, at the World Bank. In her 18 year career at the World Bank, she has held various... Read more »

Lindsey Marchessault's picture
Lindsey Marchessault is a Canadian lawyer and a consultant with the World Bank Governance Global Practice. Lindsey played a significant role in the... Read more »
Lisa Bhansali's picture

Lisa Bhansali is the Governance and Anti-corruption Adviser for the Latin America and Caribbean Region of the World Bank. She has been a Senior... Read more »

Luis Vélez Pretelt's picture
Luis Vélez currently works as a Consultant for the Open Contracting Team in the Governance Global Practice of the World Bank Group. Luis joined the WBG... Read more »
Marcela Rozo's picture
Marcela Rozo graduated in economics at Los Andes University in Bogota, and has a master in agricultural economics and planning at Reading University in... Read more »
Margaux Hall's picture

Margaux J. Hall is a consultant in the Justice Reform Group of the World Bank Legal Vice Presidency based in Sierra Leone. Her work focuses on just... Read more »

Marijn Verhoeven's picture
Marijn Verhoeven is a Lead Economist and Cluster Lead with the World Bank Group’s Governance Global Practice, where he leads work on domestic revenue... Read more »
Mario Marcel's picture
Mario Marcel, a Chilean and Spanish national, is the Senior Director of the World Bank's Governance Global Practice. In his current role, he oversees... Read more »
Matthew Jowett's picture
Matthew Jowett is a Senior Health Financing Specialist with the World Health Organization.  He recently moved from the Barcelona Office of WHO... Read more »
Michael Jarvis's picture
Michael Jarvis is a Senior Private Sector Development Specialist with the World Bank Institute, with an interest in private sector roles in development... Read more »
Nathaniel King's picture
Nathaniel King is a consultant researcher with the World Bank’s Justice for the Poor Program for which he researches and analyzes how mining promotes... Read more »
Nazaneen Ismail Ali's picture
Nazaneen Ismail Ali is a Senior Procurement Specialist working in the Governance Global Practice and currently based in the World Bank Office in Beirut,... Read more »
Nick Manning's picture

Nick Manning was Head of the Governance & Public Sector Management (GPSM) group at the World Bank until December 2013.  He was pre... Read more »

Oleksii Balabushko's picture
Oleksii Balabushko is a Public Finance Specialist with the World Bank Group, based in Washington D.C. He joined the World Bank office in Kyiv in 2006... Read more »
Onno Ruhl's picture
Onno Rϋhl is the Country Director, World Bank India. A Dutch national, he was previously the director for operations services and quality in the South... Read more »
Paul Zahra's picture
Paul Zahra is Permanent Secretary (Policy), Malta and President of the CAPAM Board of Directors. Mr. Zahra joined the Malta Public Service in 1984 and... Read more »
Paula Suarez's picture
Paula Suarez is a Program Officer in the President’s Delivery Unit.  She has ten years of experience in policy implementation and institutional... Read more »
Peter Chapman's picture
Peter Chapman is a consultant with the Justice Reform Group of the World Bank. His work with the Justice for the Poor program focuses on justice reform... Read more »
Petrus Henricus Van Heesewijk's picture
Petrus Henricus Van Heesewijk is Senior Program Officer for the Governance Partnership Facility (GPF). Piet's primary specializations include... Read more »
Philip Keefer's picture
Philip Keefer is a Lead Research Economist in the Development Research Group of the World Bank. Since receiving his PhD in Economics from Washington... Read more »
Quamrul Hasan's picture
Quamrul Hasan is a Senior Procurement Specialist, supporting countries in Africa in achieving better public service delivery to citizens through... Read more »
Rachel Ort's picture
Rachel Ort is a Public Sector and Governance consultant with the World Bank. Her research interests include the political economy of decentralization... Read more »
Rajul Awasthi's picture
Rajul Awasthi is Senior Public Sector Specialist in the Governance Global Practice at the World Bank. He leads the tax policy and revenue administration... Read more »
Randi Ryterman's picture

Randi Ryterman, a US national, joined the World Bank in 1992. She is the new director for Innovation and Change Management at the World Bank Instit... Read more »

Ravi Kumar's picture

Ravi Kumar is a Digital Strategist with the Governance Global Practice at the World Bank Group in Washington, D.C. He is from Nepal. 
<... Read more »

Renaud Seligmann's picture
Renaud Seligmann is currently Manager of the West and Central Africa Financial Management Unit at the World Bank. He oversees the Bank's involvement in... Read more »
Richard Calland's picture
Richard Calland is an Associate Professor of Public Law at the University of Cape Town and a Senior Associate of the University of Cambridge’s Institute... Read more »
Robert Hunja's picture

Robert Hunja is the Director for Public Integrity and Openness in the World Bank’s Governance Global Practice. In that role he oversees the impleme... Read more »

Robert P. Beschel is a Lead Public Sector Specialist in the Governance Global Practice.  He heads the Governance and Anti-corruption (GAC) in the... Read more »
Sakuntala Akmeemana's picture

Saku Akmeemana is a Senior Governance Specialist, who has worked both in the field and at headquarters. She has worked extensively in South Asia an... Read more »

Samia Msadek's picture
Samia Msadek was appointed on July 1, 2014 Director in the newly created  Governance Global Practice Group and is in charge of the Public Resource... Read more »
Samuel Lee's picture
Sam is a member of the World Bank Finances team, a Finance Complex project that aims to make financial data about the World Bank's activities readily... Read more »
Sandra Moscoso's picture
Sandra implements media data literacy and social accountability programs by day and works on local community efforts related to education, active... Read more »
Sandro Nozadze's picture
Sandro Nozadze has been a procurement specialist with the World Bank since July 2011. In that time, he has led more than 20 Investment Lending Projects... Read more »
Sanjay Pradhan's picture
Mr. Sanjay Pradhan is the Vice President of the World Bank Institute. He assumed this position in October 2008. Mr. Pradhan earlier served as the... Read more »
Sanjay Vani's picture
Sanjay Vani is a Lead Financial Management Specialist in the World Bank’s Operations and Policy Department. In that capacity he leads policy development... Read more »
Santhosh Srinivasan's picture
Santhosh Srinivasan is a consultant in the Human Development Network Chief Economist's office. His work focuses on governance and service delivery in... Read more »
Sarah Lavin's picture
Sarah Lavin provides legal and operational support to the public procurement system projects and initiatives for the Africa Public Integrity and... Read more »
Saw Young Min's picture
Saw Young (Sandy) Min is a Junior Professional Officer with the Governance and Public Sector Management anchor of the Poverty Reduction and Economic... Read more »
Shanker Lal's picture
Shanker is a Senior Procurement Specialist at the Public Integrity Openness Department of the Governance Global Practice and is based in New Delhi ... Read more »
Shilpa Banerji's picture
Shilpa is a Communications Specialist with the World Bank Group with an interest in transparency, governance and the role of media in development. She... Read more »
Siaka Bakayoko's picture
Siaka Bakayoko is the World Bank's Country Manager for Guinea-Conakry. Read more »
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Silvana Tordo's picture
Silvana Tordo is a Lead Energy Economist Sustainable Energy Department, Oil, Gas and Mining Unit of the World Bank. Her publications... Read more »
Soren Gigler's picture
Soren Gigler is leading the Mapping for Results Initiative at the World Bank Institute. He is a political economist and since the end of the 1990s has... Read more »
Soukeyna Kane's picture
Ms. Soukeyna Kane is the Practice Manager, Public Resource Mobilization and Management – Europe and Central Asia (ECA) since July 2014. She joined the... Read more »
Stefan Kossoff's picture
Stefan Kossoff is Head of Profession for Governance in DFID, a role which includes technical oversight and leadership of DFID’s 120+ Governance Advisers... Read more »
Stephanie Sweet's picture
Stephanie Sweet is a Consultant with the Governance Global  Practice at the World Bank, where she works on tax and public financial management... Read more »
Stephanie Trapnell's picture
Stephanie E. Trapnell is a consultant with the Governance and Public Sector Group of the World Bank, where she is leading research on the measurement of... Read more »
Steven Webb's picture
Steven Webb has worked for World Bank for 23 years as economist and advisor, as a staff member and as a consultant since retirement in 2009. He has... Read more »
Stuart Yikona's picture
Stuart Yikona, is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist with the World Bank in the Financial Market Integrity Service Line. Prior to joining the World... Read more »
Stuti Khemani's picture

Stuti Khemani is a Senior Economist in the Development Research Group and the Africa region’s Chief Economist’s office of the World Bank. Her area... Read more »

Susana Carrillo's picture
Susana Carrillo is a Senior Specialist at the Capacity Development and Partnerships Unit in the Africa Region. She worked in Africa, Central and South... Read more »
Tina George Karippacheril's picture
Tina George Karippacheril is a Senior Public Sector Specialist for Digital Governance at the World Bank. She offers policy advice, research and... Read more »
Utpal Misra's picture
Full bio coming soon! Read more »
Varun Gauri's picture
VARUN GAURI is Senior Economist with the Development Research Group of the World Bank. His research draws on theories and methods form economics,... Read more »
Verena Fritz's picture

Verena Fritz is a Governance Specialist with the PREM Public Sector Governance group at the World Bank. Verena is working on governance and politic... Read more »

Victoria L. Lemieux's picture
Dr. Victoria Lemieux is a Senior Public Sector Specialist (Information Management) and an Associate Professor of Archival Studies at the University of... Read more »
Virginia Horscroft's picture

Virginia Horscroft is a Senior Economist at the World Bank, based in Sydney covering the Pacific Islands. She works on a range of macroeconomic pol... Read more »

Vivek Maru's picture

Vivek Maru is a senior counsel in the Justice Reform Group of the World Bank. His work focuses on justice reform and governance, primarily in... Read more »

William Dorotinsky's picture
William Dorotinsky is the Acting Director of the Governance and Public Sector Management Practice and Leader of the Public Sector... Read more »
Willy McCourt's picture
Willy McCourt is Senior Public Sector Specialist (East Asia and Pacific) at the World Bank, and a Reader in Development Policy and Management at the... Read more »
Young Kyu Kang's picture
Young Kyu Kang is a Senior Public Sector Specialist with the Governance & Public Sector Management anchor in the Poverty Reduction and Economic... Read more »
Yvonne Nkrumah's picture
Yvonne Nkrumah is a Senior Operations Officer at the World Bank Institute. Since joining the Bank in 2007, she has identified new areas for program... Read more »
Zahid Hasnain's picture
Zahid Hasnain is a Senior Public Sector Specialist at the World Bank, where he has been since 2002. His interests are in public financial management and... Read more »
Zhentu Liu's picture
Zhentu Liu, senior procurement specialist, has been working in the World Bank on procurement for more than 15 years, in the field offices in Beijing,... Read more »
Zsuzsanna Lonti's picture
Zsuzsanna Lonti, a Hungarian national, is the head of the statistics and indicators unit in the Budgeting and Public Expenditures Division in the OECD... Read more »
Zubair Bhatti's picture
Zubair Bhatti is a Senior Public Sector Management Specialist with the World Bank. He joined the education unit in Islamabad in 2010 and switched to the... Read more »