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Submitted by chipo paul mudenda on

the state of affairs is worse than an on looker would imagine. while the stand to benefit from the investment 'both local and foreign' the issue of bribery in form of gifts to get an operating licence or to secure a meeting with a high official in government with regard to investment, discourages well meaning investment and encourages bogus investment. due to this trend which is growing at a very fast rate corrupt investors are attracted to these countries. the same investors are much more involved in scandles of evading tax which one of the major sources of revenue for developing countries. the statistics we receive from watchdog institution, despite being official they don't really reflect a true picture of the state of corruption because some of the cases go unreported. the poor suffer more as there are no proper and sustainable jobs, governments due to loss of revenue through tax evasion, social benefits are not provided, education and health are affected as the governments are not able to procure much needed facilities. therefore, i believe it is not all about the watchdog institution to curb this problem, the will and ability of government to serve the citizens matters. there is also need for professionalism and morality by government officials. they should be able to look beyond personal benefits, if these countries were to grow socially, economically and politically.