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Submitted by Amos Nyamutera on

My colleague Oladele you should not controversy between what is said to be corruption and cultural deeds especial those cultural norms of praising the beloved ones and friends on occasions such as gifts and praises on marriage,birthdays, Christmas gifts etc. Such issues are always done openly and they should not be regarded as corruptions. Corruption is normally done secretly so if you have been witnessing in your organization the habit of giving gifts with the intention of seeking good and timely services or providing services with the aim of saying thank you for your gifts therefore your organization is very corrupt and that should not be termed as a culture in that organization .
Also i would like to mention additional points on ways to combat and mitigate corruption internationally;paying civil servant well and timely,distorting subsidies with targeted cash transfer,establishing international conventions which will enable collaboration among national ant-corruptions bureau to find the corrupt people even if they run away from their nations and also using,ICT in money transactions such as buying products,tax collections and procurement processes.Finally community education and agitation will further help to build awareness among citizens on the evils of corruption in any nation.