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Submitted by Stanley Njoroge on

in my view, the fight against corruption demands a wholistic multi-pronged approach for it to be successfull. It Should not be left to an one anti corruption body but rather involve all sectoral stakeholders. First, you need political goodwill at the highest level.In Africa, you must root out conspicuos consumption based on illegally acquired wealth which apart from spiking inflationary trends, also acts as motivator to other people. In addittion, reducing bureaucratic red tape in service provision processes and enhancing transparency at the point of service delivery will help.Proper , fair and just remuneration of public servants helps to demotivate corruption tendencies. Its also important that those suspected of coruption get their day in court rather than acquiting them in scenario in which the investigator also doubles up as the acquiting judge. Anti-corruption organs epecially in Africa ought to be given prosecutorial powers in addittion to security of tenure.. Public education aimed at winning citizen co-operation in the war against graft is vital. Societies shuld also also endeavor to reward merit at all levels of life in terms or employment, promotion and providion of services. In addittion, equity and equal treatment of all before the law and in budgetary allocations wil minimize the need to engage in corruption and also build just, peacifull, predictable and stable governments and societies.