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Submitted by Nasir Ahmad on

In order to fight corruption take the following steps:
1 - Know the corruption: it is not red tape but also misuse of the position, unnecessary delays in work, leaking of information, not providing the information, etc.
2 - Do not support corruption: as an individual, if you are subject to bribe and you pay, means you are supporting corruption. If you notice absence and you keep quite, you support corruption.
3 - Say No to corruption: when you are asked for bribe, say No. Never try to get the service earlier than the others waiting in ques only with paying a small amount. Have patience, wait for your turn and build the culture. Never expect illegal work for your self by paying red tape, it harms yourself in a way or the other. Just have patience and stay hones.
4 - Fight corruption: when you notice corruption, do not hide it. disclose to public, bring the corrupt to justice. voice out and do not feel alone. people will gather for you. Do your best and do not fear the the corrupt ones are not brought to justice immediately, you build the foundation and others will complete them.