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Submitted by Carlos Edvandro Assis on

My take is that we are failing by using the term "combating" corruption. I think this term should be substituted by the term "managing corruption". Corruption should be dealt with positively and act as catalyst for social change if we are able to live with it and manage it positively. One of the aspects i think can help us enormously in managing corruption is by introducing anti-fraud and anti-corruption subject in our curriculums bottom/up from primary all the way up to higher school and university. All organizations be they government or private should introduce anti-fraud and anti-corruption training sessions (continuously) to ensure refresher consumption. This will enable continuously triggering the mindset of the importance this plays on the day to day activity of the student, the employee, the employer and a combinations of all other social actors including the home the base for human construction. Corruption will never be combated and we need change this paradigm to meet today's social acceptable terms and language to apply in management of corruption. Combating would mean governments and states looking at corruption as an enemy yet in the same way it brings with it some disadvantages BUT it also carries with it advantages. A clear balance on how we manage this would be more appropiate on our approaches torwards corruption.