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Submitted by Felix Koku Mawusi on

It is important to deal with corruption not with the things we are talking about now. Come to think of what things we think we can use to fight corruption. It is not education which is producing undetectable pen robberies. It is not the law. The countries have all the laws. It is not the procedures. The procedures are already in existence. It is not the organisations or institutions. We can have all the laws. We can have all the procedures. We can have all the logistic and equipment. Let us know also that those who are committing corruption and those who are benefiting from corruption cannot fight corruption
The problem in the fight against corruption every where is the mind of the people. Where ever there is corruption a new mindset is needed to fight it. The new mindset must be able to see it as a wrong against society. A new mindset must be able to stopcommitting it. A new mind must stop benefiting, condoning or facilitating corruption in all its forms. The new mind must be able to enforce the laws on corruption right from investigation, prosecution and adjudication. The new mind must be able to apply sanctions vigorously as to make corruption a very high risk activity with no means of profit. A new mindset should in fact make corruption highly unattractive with dire consequences. Until a society reaches a state of a new mind all it will be doing is to be reacting in various ways to corruption. That, certainly will be the norm until a new mindset arrives. How can a very corrupt society reach a state of new mind? Certainly not through condemnations, passing new laws or establishing new bureaucracies. After having all the laws we shall say if we have this other law then we can be able then to deal with corruption and it goes for all the arrangements we have now. When the society is inherently corrupt, existing laws must be enforced to deter prospective criminals from engaging, and old criminals from re-engaging in crime. Without deterrence, there is no war and there is no fight. There will be only slogans, lip service, news headlines and all those things which go to deceive the victims(society) that something is being done. The coalitions must be against palliatives and cosmetics and wage a war for deterrence to take effect in developing countries. With my law enforcement background I stand for deterrence which leads to a new mind and I am ready to offer my expertise at any time it is required.