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Submitted by Mahmut Han on

What if the regulators and rule makers are corrupt to the core ? That would make corrupt rules and regulations, which my country greatly suffers from this. First of all we should change the education of people. Even kids are corrupt these days. They see each other rivals to destroy rather than partners to build a better world and these people will make the future regulators. In the future, they will probably see any other counter opinion as rivalry so they will do whatever they can to perish that opinion. That makes the corruption and this is what we are living right now. For example : the diesel engine scandals. All of the companies lied about CO2 emissions but none of them stepped up for change. The worst thing is their governments supported them too just because other countries also do the same thing. I mean world governments are seriously act like spoiled kids. Nobody wants to take the lead but waiting for corruption to end. That proves that human kind is still primitive. We are like savages with fancy toys.