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Submitted by Rodney Hammond on

I'm an active cyclist with a concentration on safety gear. I lost my older brother a few years ago in a local cycling accident (Vienna, Va). For some reason this particular day he was on his bike without a helmet. He never made it back home. His head injury got the best of him one day later. Since, I've made it a personal point to stress cycling safety. I have stopped almost every non-helmet wearing cyclist I encountered on the trail and road, to share my concern and even give away helmets. I have built several bikes for friends and neighbors. My neighbor recently shared a story with me as I dropped his bike off, after tuning it up for him, about how cycling basically saved his life by helping get his blood sugar and other health issues to a manageable level.

I am passionate about cycling and just wanted to share my little bit of a story. I love cycling and applaud any efforts to make it safer and accessible to everyone.