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Submitted by arturo on

Just some thoughts - we need better data to help underdeveloped regions in the following ways :

1) understand their culture, philosophy, education level, aspiration as a group
2) understand their strength ( and weakness ) of their culture / geographical location / resources - relative to near-by regions and on the world scale
3) figure out how their regional counterpart underdeveloped countries / regions can supplement their need, and vise versa

in this way - they can first help out each others , as they have similar cultures / society structure / education level / resources, and can start trading in human resources, intellectual resources, within similar neighboring regions

help them establish a framework of education, skill labor, material trades, finances, a framework of self-independence, as much as possible, and supplemented with helps and expertise from more developed countries / regions

provide scientific and engineering insights into how to leverage their special geographical advantages ( clean air, ample sunlight solar energey ? pure mountain water spring ? unique vegetation / plants / vegetables ? lean organic goat meat for import ? )