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Submitted by Lech Marcinkowski on

Thank you for a nice review of indicators on access to information. You, and your readers, may be interested to know about how SIGMA, a joint initiative of the EU and the OECD, for 25 years have been supporting improvements in governance and management of public administration in EU candidate and neighbouring countries, including in the area of access to information. We have designed and applied a comprehensive methodology to measure the performance of countries in the EU periphery against the standards established in the Principles of Public Administration (
Our Methodological Framework consists of 52 indicators, composed of over 300 individual sub-indicators. Forty of these sub-indicators relate to accessibility and quality of information from state bodies across a range of areas, from policy making to public financial management. One indicator in the Accountability area is dedicated uniquely to measure access to information. The indicators put equal value to the legislative framework and its implementation and outcomes. The access to public information indicator assesses the extent to which the legal and institutional framework is established, promoting timely responses to public information requests free of charge or at a reasonable costs. The practical application of these legal requirements is assessed by reviewing the level of proactive disclosure of information for a standard list of key datasets as well as basic information on public websites. Finally, perceptions of availability of public information by the general public and businesses are assessed through surveys.. More details here: