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Thanks, Werner, for the comment. Indeed, the waters get even more muddied (to continue the metaphor) in a cross-cultural context. Another distinction we are often asked about in Vietnam is between the terms “governance” and “state management.” The two terms are very similar in the Vietnamese language, and even in English some of our definitions of governance sound an awful lot like state management. But the latter term gives much more of a top-down feel than most of us have in mind when we think of governance. Although we sometimes dwell too much on definitions, distinctions between top-down hierarchy and a broader concept of governance with roles for civil society, citizen participation, transparency, etc., are fundamental. On looking over the charts in the blog one thing has puzzled me: If people weren’t saying “responsibility” around 1800 what were they saying? I think one answer is “duty.” This also points to the challenge in using the tool in the way I did: responsibility, like institutions, carries many meanings.