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ONNO, you have given us a very startling revelation, but the solution id far fetched. Systemic evaluation of progress development is vital to sustainability and redirection on any development issues. As a local development Practitioner in Nigeria, bringing what works in other developed countries or bringing international evaluator to assist in the area of development in Africa countries has been a mirrage except that the World bank and other developmental organizations are not realy sincere in the bringing of AIDSto developing nations. We have identified lapses in the education sector which has been for a long time and nothing critical (sustainable) has been done by the policy makers and the development organization. If what ONNO has said is realy good to go by, then it is important that every policy analyst and planning officers in this country Nigeria must go through a re-orientation to know how to get the future Nigerian job to avert this in coming crises which will affect our un born generation. One important issue which struck my mind is on the Sustainable SME operation in Nigeria, as most business owner die and leave their wealth of experience and many employee jobless after their demise. On the role of development practitioners, more should be trained to have systemic approache to project development in African countries which is sustainable and long lasting My advise to NIGERIAN Micheal ALE President Association of Project Development Practitioners APRODEP