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ONNO, Thanks for your intelligent and prompt respose, i have not meet you one on one in Nigeria but i have noticed most of your institutions activities in Nigeria which is a welcome idea. i have read of Nancy Birdsall of CGD on the idea of CASH ON DELIVERY which i think will assist the governments in developing countries and the development partners (billateral and multilateral agencies) in the execution of their programmes and projects alike. World Bank through IDA has been supportive to programmes and pojects in developing countries and i think it is important that most of these issues are discusses with the partnering agencies as they are identified. Good to know that impact evaluations are carried out both before and after projects are executed, but, their should be a paradigm shift on the way projects are executed by the development partners, although support goes to countries on governance, corruption and institutional reform, but much emphacies should be place on the aspect of SMEs sustainability in Nigeria and other african countries. Watching through the current dispensation in the developing demoncracy in Nigeria, how are people settled and identified as SMEs operators, where tricycles, machines (OKADA) grindoing machines and cutlass with hoes are distributed to the so called SMEs free of charge without a due follow up on the need to scale up their activities. What is necessary in the need for the policy makers to realy understand what development activities are, and the need to execute them systematically, which will have an effect on the countries. ONNO, i am sure you have travelled to Lagos in Nigeria so many times and must have been to other states of the country too, which is working base on evaluation by the people but compare to other developed cities like cairo and dubai, it is far fetched from the aerial view of the whole city. We can organise and collaborate with your institution on the idea we have developed with the assistance of the members of our organization from the academia, to organise National Development Forum slated for October this year, an avenue where all development practitioners and policy makers alike are trained on the need to embark on developing projects especially the executives (Governors) through the Governors forum.