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Submitted by Nentawe Gomiyar on
I just got across this piece yesterday while doing some search online. It is very interesting, revealing and shocking, but you have succeeded in giving the right recipe for growth and development in Nigeria. But with a system that is faulty, I doubt if it can work. The system that runs governance in Nigeria - Civil service is in a comatose State. How can government policies be translated into results with the kind of civil service we have. One other issue is building the capacity of young people to be active citizens through participation, so they can put government at all levels into account. If the youths have a strong voice government will respond adequately. My friend, Zainab Sandah once commented - “The problem with our politicians is not their age, but the age of their ideas” governance should have strong elements of innovation to deal with the very big problem that confront the country. Capacity building for young people to make government accountable is key.