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Submitted by Emeka on
Perhaps, the youths of Imo State 'digested very well' the contents of Onno Ruhl's Lecture at FUTO in March 2011 and displayed examplary courage against their incumbent Gov. whose popularity had sank beneath the south pole! The Youths worked against all odds as booth armies, vigilantes, community mobilizers etc to drive home their point. Even the appointment of one of theirs (Prof Viola Onwuliri) as Deputy Gov. candidate to the incumbent Gov. did little to convince them. The unprecedented celebration that followed the announcement of the results and the stripping of the Govs. campaign bill boards within the state was a testimony to the expression of bottled up feelings of disappointment in Governance and failure of leadership in the state for so long. I hope the incoming Government would fulfill the aspirations of these patriotic youths, who rose to the occassion declining the huge monetary inducements meant to buy their concience. Onno, more grease to your elbows, and consider honouring another invitation for another lecture to guide the new regime.