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Submitted by Abdulrahman Abdu on
Sir i was highly moved by your political analysis related to youth and democracy in nigeria. yet let me called the mind of my fellow nigerian youth to re-think and anayse ONNU statement if i quote him rightly "It will be key to convince the young people of Nigeria that democracy is real. Credible elections will be required not to please the international community, but to convince Nigerians that democracy can work for them." you said let nigerian youth understand real democracy, yes accepted and correct, but for us to persuade a self convinving democracy even if is not accepted or pleased the international community, sir this not in new world order of liberal democracy rather pushing the legs of nigerian youth to use democracy to pursude their will by any means and at last the international community where you currently belong to continue to use the same and deep us into more deepening crisis and economic bondage. while the words are unifying, encouraging for sustainable democracy in our mother land.