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I applaud the World Bank's emphasis on public management and equally importantly its effort to reach out to and engage a broader community of practice in becoming part of the conversation. That said, I encourage all of us to further target our emphasis on those practitioner reforms that are most amenable to early adoption - e.g., e-governance practices at the national and municipal levels. The Public Manager has published numerous articles on this topic as it relates to such reforms in the former Yugoslavia (Slovenia and Serbia - Also, the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) plans to publish similar applied content on its Web site as part of an effort aimed at promoting good governace worldwide - particularly with an eye towards involving public managers from emerging democracies (in Eastern & Central Europe, the former Soviet Union, sub-Saharan Africa, etc.). As part of these efforts to form a global network of professional public managers, we have already begun reaching out to other stakeholders - including the US State Department's exchange programs, Sister Cities, the UN, etc. We would very much like to collaborate with the World Bank as well. Warren Master President & Editor-at-Large The Public Manager