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Submitted by Lanre Rotimi on
The point we are making, which underlines all contributions thus far, is that in finding; implementing; monitoring, evaluating and assessment of the implementation of sustainable solutions to real and complex PSM Initiative and PSM Training as Single Project, problems on the ground, the PSM Approach should be genuinely understood by all relevant stakeholders to mean PSM Initiative and PSM Training as Single Project:- a) Whose research, planning, statistics, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and assessment systems are interlinked, interconnected and interdependent and each of the 7 systems is built on openness, transparency, transformation, learning, performance and results. b) Which adopts Policy, Program, Project Cycle Management and Comprehensive Systemic Reform (3PCM and CSR) or similar Benefits Focused Approach to Trade / Development; Monitoring, Evaluation and Assessment; Service delivery / Performance Management; Elections and Democracy; Diplomacy; Defense / Security; Procurement; Human Rights in all its Ramifications – Political, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: HR-PESCR; Environment / Climate Change and Management in the work towards achieving Global Visions Ambitions – PSM Initiative; MDGs’; PD; AAA; One UN Initiative; One World Bank Group Initiative; G20 Global Solutions to Global Problems and National Visions Ambitions of both Developed and Developing Countries worldwide. c) Which adopts scientific approach to Organization, Orientation and Discipline of Individuals and Societies; Institutions and Governments Worldwide. Can Nick strengthen interactions by responding to points raised by contributors to date and also invite author(s) of the Draft World Bank Approach to PSM 2011 – 2020 and World Bank Program for Results to join him in responding to points raised by present and future contributors?