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Submitted by Marcus Manuel on
Great to see that the Bank is proposing switching from project based engagement to much more continuous approach. Based on what I've seen from my recent ODI perspective of World Bank work in fragile states this one change will be enormously beneficial. What didn't stand out from the summary is what the Bank will do to support pay reform. This is too often parked in the "too difficult; too expensive" box. Yet we know govt's and donors' collective failure to address this often undermines all of our reform efforts. Is the Bank prepared to take the lead here? The other point is about where you locate your staff. Too often the key people are in Washington and not in country. Reforms in this area are difficult and you need to be in country to understand the politics; spot the opportunities and work with others to overcome the constraints. Lack of people to support the reforms is a much more common reason for failure than lack of technical analysis or the right diagnostic tool. And within country I've also been surprised to find World Bank managed sector specific pooled funds being based in the Ministry of Finance and not the sector ministry. Good luck with taking this forward!