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Submitted by Lanre Rotimi on
Your point” The proposed new approach is indeed seducing and tempting, but would it work?” raises fundamental issues of Diagnosis, Prescription, Surgery and Recovery Management and Good Diagnosis as starting point for Policy, Program, Project Interventions within PSM and other International Development Cooperation Initiatives. To address these issues the WGD needs to recognize:- 1. The Link between Good Diagnosis and Competencies, Motivation and Drive of Internal and External Consultants on one hand and adequate Governing Council / Executive Board Political and Financial Support on the other hand. 2. The Link between Good Diagnosis (particularly of the Consultative Research and Diagnostic Study type with a package of Orientation Workshops; Technical and Engineering Surveys; Financial Surveys and Administrative and Management Surveys) and Good Prescription; Good Surgery and Good Recovery Management. 3. A Chain is as strong as its weakest link component. The weaker one or more link components, the higher the deterioration from Good Diagnosis to Flawed Diagnosis to Failed Diagnosis and same for Prescription, Surgery and Recovery Management. 4. Operationalizing (1) –(3) in Practice in the work towards achieving increasing convergence between Original PSM Vision Intention and Reality, greatly depend on Webmaster, Blogger Nick and Blog Administrator persuading relevant WBG authorities to consider breaking new ground through ensuring that ongoing PSM Discussions are effectively harmonized and coordinated in ways that help produce a PSM – SAIF (Single Agenda Implementation Framework) Document and PSM – SAIF Testing Document and continue with relevant follow up actions set out in the 2 documents. It is pertinent to note that submission cleared for posting demonstrate WBG tolerance for diversity of PSM Perspectives. This is commendable. It appears the traffic pattern suggest that this tolerance help to create confidence in Professionals with expertise, experience and exposure to share, that encourage their participation in the ongoing discussions. However, active interactive discussion is yet to start, as only one participant has made multiple submissions to date. With 22 comments as at this posting, this PSM discussion has broken existing traffic level for discussions on this World Bank Blog Platform. The PSM Discussion has thus far generated significant amount of good ideas and pertinent suggestions, indicating high probability of your question being answered in the positive and on sustainable basis. However, the Real Test of Credibility of PSM Discussion is How it helps WBG and Partners to Deliver:- 1. Improving International Development Cooperation Effectiveness 2. Improving International Development Cooperation Impact 3. Improving Good Corporate Governance Practices on World Bank Group; other International Institutions; Developed / Developing Countries Governments; CSOs’ – National and International sides. Our thoughts on How PSM Planning Side – Research, Planning and Statistics; Implementation side – Implementation and Evaluation side – Monitoring, Evaluation and Assessment is Linked to PSM Learning, Performance and Results and related matters would be set out in Achieving World Bank New PSM Vision Ambition 3 to be submitted shortly.