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Submitted by Lanre Rotimi on
We commend you for raising your voice in your language. We commend WB for translation that make possible wider dissemination of your view. Your points underline need for PSM Initiative that is All Inclusive and all Encompassing in identifying and solving all real and complex PSM problems and related International / National Development Cooperation problems, on the ground from Village to Global levels on Developed Countries, Developing Countries, WBG, IMF, UN, EC, other International Institutions and CSOs’ – National and International sides. You have said ..."it is probable that ideas / issues from other languages that would not be foreign to speakers of other particular languages are not being discussed. More of the same then". To take positive action on your call for "Inclusion", we urge you to please take the next step to put those issues you consider excluded on the table. This way you increase the probability of same being Agenda items Moving Forward in the work towards achieving PSM Initiative Vision Ambition. The ongoing PSM Discussion with 31 participants as at time of this posting; has 1 Bloger, 2 Anonymous Contributors, 1 Language contributor and 1 Multiple Response Contributor. This continuously improving Comments Record is good. But it could be much better, particularly in the specific area of participants contributing multiple responses. The overarching assessment thus far is that it is easy to identify problems. It is difficult to solve identified problems. It is not impossible to solve identified especially difficult problems. This assessment explains the Misnomer – Good Research Bad Result; Good Plan Bad Implementation and the Incongruence – Good Policy Bad Evaluation; Good Partnership Agreement Bad Partnership Performance identified by some contributors. Yes, ongoing PSM Discussion has generated and continues to generate many good ideas and pertinent suggestions. However, the Real Challenge that need to be Professionally Tackled Moving Forward is How these good ideas and pertinent suggestions are harvested and processed into PSM Discussion Report? What are the Uses of the PSM Discussion Report? Who are the Users of the PSM Discussion Report? How will Report Recommendations be Implemented? How will the Implementation of Report Recommendations be Monitored, Evaluated and Assessed? To tackle this Real Challenge and in ways that ensure WBG and Counterparts Pass the Real test of credibility of PSM Discussion set out in earlier Lanre Posting, we urge WBG to recognize that:- 1. There is urgent need to harness and channel PSM Discussion Participants Enthusiasm and Energy through better Structure and organization of the PSM Discussion for Continuing Improving Productivity and Quality. 2. If (1) is not done, the probability is high that this PSM Discussion would lose steam. Allowed to occur, this is not helpful in the work towards achieving increasing convergence between Original PSM Intention and Reality. 3. Achieving PSM Vision on successful and sustainable basis greatly depends on Comprehensive National / International Reform Program Driven by Professionals:- a) With adequate Intellectual Capacity – Hard Competency: Learning and Skills and Soft competency: Character, Courage and Mindset; Commitment; Passion and Energy. b) Who are Non Partisan and Neutral in bringing Whole of World, Region, Country Good Thinking to bear in the Practical Solutions to Whole of World, region, Country PSM and related National / International Development Cooperation real and complex problems on the ground. c) Who help WBG and Counterparts achieve necessary levels of Organization, Orientation and Discipline within Openness, Transparency, Transformation, Learning, Performance and Results in the work towards achieving New PSM Vision Ambitions. d) Who help WBG and Counterparts build Global / National Collective Action for each Partner’s Best to be Good Enough in the work towards achieving New PSM Vision Ambitions. e) Who are identified, empowered, promoted and protected to effectively support WBG and Counterparts in Delivery of each Partners Duties and responsibilities within New PSM Vision using “Living Strategy” wherein corrections are made based on implementation realities, each Partner is aware of Progress other Partners are making and or challenges other Partners are facing. Should there be at least 5 more Contributors genuinely interested in Participating Actively in ongoing PSM Discussion through contributing multiple response, the probability is high that this PSM Discussion Outcome could help ensure WBG and Counterparts Pass the Real Test of Credibility. Can you be the First of these 5 more Contributors?