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Submitted by Lanre Rotimi on
You have raised very interesting points. We agree with you that the challenge of “ruling elite responding to LAO incentives in ways that make them genuine champion of reform” is a challenge that relevant WBG authorities need to professionally tackle, if PSM, CLEAR, ICR, MfDR, other WBG Initiatives Visions are to be achieved on successful and sustainable basis. We also agree with you on the need to professionally tackle a second challenge – “need to give visibility to genuine effort at communicating new thinking and new ways of doing things within the new PSM Vision to achieve continuing all round improvement based on realities of implementation”. Many contributors, particularly Richard Hogg, correctly identify the fact that in the work towards achieving Global / National Visions ambitions, establishing institutions is not enough, if their operations confirm that they are not learning organizations and their performance confirm they are lagging behind or failing to deliver on their mandate and vision ambitions. Your points underline the need for Development Research if WBG is serious about professionally tackling the two challenges you have identified. In the work towards finding and implementing successful and sustainable solutions to real and complex Global recession, World Food, Fuel, Finance and Terrorism Problems on the Ground on Developed Countries, Developing Countries and International Institutions sides, there is urgent need to ensure that Development Research is Focused on Development Policy & Program and Development Monitoring, Evaluation & Assessment within National Visions e.g 7 Point Agenda in Nigeria, National Security Strategy in US and World Visions e.g. MDGs’, Paris Declaration, Accra Action Agenda, One UN Initiative, One WBG Initiative, G20 Global Solutions to Global Problems Initiative. However, turning Researchers into Policy / Program Entrepreneurs or Monitoring, Evaluation and Assessment Entrepreneurs and turning Research Institutions into Policy / Program focused Think Tank or Monitoring, Evaluation and Assessment focused Think Tank is not easy because it involves fundamental re-orientation, organization and discipline towards Policy / Program engagement or Monitoring, Evaluation and Assessment engagement, rather than academic achievement; engaging much more vigorously with Policy / Program Community or Monitoring, Evaluation and Assessment Community; Developing a Research Agenda focusing on Policy / Program or Monitoring / Evaluation / Assessment issues rather than academic interests; acquiring new skills or building multidisciplinary teams; establishing new internal systems and incentives and spending much more on Communicating effectively with all stakeholders. This New Approach should include Dialogue before, during and after the Research itself; producing appropriate Communications products for each audience – in most widely acceptable language, at the right time and working more in effective partnerships and networks. It also involves looking at a radically different funding model. To influence Policy / Program or Monitoring / Evaluation / Assessment Decision Makers in all concerned stakeholder communities from Village to Global levels; Genuine True Development Researchers need additional skills. They need to be politically influential, able to understand the politics, the economics, the sociology and culture and identify the key players. They need to be good storytellers; to synergize simple compelling stories from results of the research (not spin doctors who publicize falsehood). They need to be good networkers; to work effectively with all other concerned stakeholders and they need to be good engineers to build Shared Vision initiatives that pulls all of these together or they need to work on multidisciplinary teams with others who have these necessary skills. The Research for True Development Storytellers are not Spin Doctors spreading spin (falsehood / lies) or Propagandists spreading propaganda (half truths or outright falsehood presented as whole truths). They are Development Change Champions telling inspiring Stories based on real life experiences that challenge concerned stakeholders to take positive Development Change Action ultimately resulting in Win – Win for all Partners – Rick or Poor, Strong or Weak. Within Research for True Development, Good Researchers need Good Reporters and Good Reporters need Good Researchers. We make bold to state that without adequate numbers of Good Researchers and Good Reporters, who have required levels of Hard Competencies – Learning and Skills and Soft Competencies – Character, Courage and Mindset for achieving National Visions e.g. 7 Point Agenda in Nigeria; National Security Strategy in US and Global Visions – MDGs’, Paris Declaration, Accra Action Agenda, One UN Initiative, PSM, CLEAR, ICR, MfDR, other WBG Initiatives and G20 Global Solutions to Global Problems Initiative would be a Mirage. The Concept of Development for Research described above contain Master Keys for Rethinking, Redesigning and Rebuilding the Role of Researchers and Reporters in the work towards achieving National Visions Ambitions and Global Visions Ambitions on Developed Countries, Developing Countries and International Institutions sides. It is easy to give Visibility to Headlines, Establishing Institutions like CLEAR Centers, pursuing New Approaches like PSM, Moving from Grand Theories to Quiet Revolutions as suggested by Stuti etc; it is difficult to give Visibility to Stories of the type generated by Development Research, with Strategic Purpose of helping to achieve Practical Sustainable Solutions to real and complex Global / National Vision Initiatives problems on the ground. This is because Good Stories that inspire all relevant stakeholders to jointly establish and sustain Inclusive Approach in the work towards achieving increasing convergence between Original PSM Intention and Reality etc requires Good Content and Good content is best generated when WBG and Counterparts accept the challenge you have identified and in ways that simultaneously achieve several Paradigm Shifts, some of which are Shift:- 1. From Academic Research to Development Research 2. From Focus on Problems and Passing Blame to Focus on Solutions and Opportunities 3. From Handbook Management, Service delivery and Evaluation etc to Hands On Management, Service Delivery and Evaluation etc 4. From Arithmetic Model progressing in Arithmetic Proportions to Geometric Model progressing in Geometric Proportions 5. From Negative Risk Analysis that is Problem Focused and Anti Innovation to Positive Risk Analysis that is Solutions Focused and Pro Innovation. Will WBG and Counterparts accept your challenge? Can WBG –Our Dream is a World without Poverty Vision ambition be achieved without positive action on all good ideas and pertinent suggestion s generated in this PSM Discussion? Can PSM Vision be achieved without this PSM Discussion producing PSM Discussion Report; PSM – SAIF (Single Agenda Implementation Framework) Document and PSM – SAIF Testing Document?