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Submitted by Brenda on
Onno: Inspiring write-up as always. I totally agree with you that unemployment is a major challenge for the youths in Nigeria and same in so many other countries. There is no country with all its working population employed. I do agree that some countries have a greater percentage of their workforce engaged in one vocation or another. But I want us not to focus only on what the government can do for the youths. Good Leadership, we all know can create jobs but good-followership will provide enabling environment for the jobs to yield desired objectives. The very talented youths we have in Nigeria can survive on their skills, if channeled to the right direction. Chinedu raised question about the Bank's support to existing agencies with vision. Again I want us to stop for a second and think why any agency set up to do something positive will have to get external support before it survives. I believe this is the time to try but let's not rely on politicians 100%. They do have a role to play but the part that the citizens play would count the most.