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Submitted by Onno on
Chinedu, Tunji, Brenda, Thanks a lot for your comments! Chinedu is very right indeed: the key is to improve the results Nigeria achieves with its own money. This is as true at State level as is it at Federal level. Some states notably have already achieved significant success in dealing with youth issues, as is well known. Rather than reinvent the wheel, a new program should leverage sucesses that are already there, in Nigeria. In the same vein, your idea to review existing programs and rationalize them is excellent. The bottom line is that Nigeria should learn both from interntional good practice and from its own successes as well as failures to find a way to tackle the problems of social exclusion and unemployment. Nobody has the perfect solution, but a good solution can be found if leaders are determined and willing to learn. This applies to leaders both at Federal and at State level. Many thanks again, Onno