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The federal Ministry of youth development in the last regime (2007 - 2011) built 7 youth development centres across all zones in Nigeria. As it were, the centres were nearing completion when the regime came to an end in May 2011. One of quick-wins for the present administration (which in some sense is a continuation of the last one) is to turn the 7 youth development centres into a pot-pourri of activities that will train, empower and cater for the demands and yearning of Nigeria's huge army of unemployed youth. Young people are a bit wary of Government interventions, most are politicized and the gains and opportunities usually circulate amongst the few who are connected in Government circles. There is an urgent need to ensure that the youth development centres function in line with national standards and successes (fate-foundation is one good example) and that it is monitored and supported by a wide range of stakeholders including private sectors, institutions like the world bank and non-profits.