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Submitted by M. Demment on
The wave of modernization, energized by the information revolution and globalization, will and is sweeping across the globe. I do not see individual social entities having much of a chance to pick apart and make decisions about which part of the package, the wave, they will experience…it will be all of it. The external forces are too strong. Whether the Bank or other donors interact with communities or not, they will all eventually face the wave of modernization. The development community can be in the role, perhaps best described, as the adapters. They are bringing the first stages of change that will foreshadow what will come later. So perhaps we should think of development agents as adaptation agents who assist societies to understand the forces of modernization and best prepare them to absorb the changes. One of the keys to such adaptation is developing the human capacity that has the knowledge and exposure to integrate different worlds and make a peace between them. In the end it will be members of those societies, wise to the world and their local context, who will be critical to creating an effective functional social and economic unit.