How Would You #TakeOn Corruption and Promote Good Governance?


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Corruption greatly undermines government effectiveness.

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On a hot dry day in June, a woman in her early 40s is getting ready for journey to a nearby town. She is excited even though she will walk more than three hours on foot—she is going to meet with a government loan officer to try to get the money she needs to buy fertilizer and other supplies for her farm. She needs to grow and sell enough crops to pay for her son to continue school for the next year.
She gets a mug of water from a bucket to put out the open wood fire that she uses to cook meals for her family. Then she pulls her slippers from the thatched roof and leaves her hut.
As she walks, she feels hopeful. She believes this loan will change her family’s future. For the past 6 months, she has made numerous trips to this office because the government official had told her that before her application could be considered, the paperwork must be accurate and complete.  

She arrives and waits for 2 hours in a long line. Finally, she meets with a loan officer who takes her application and puts it on his desk. He stands up and asks her to follow him. In a corner, he tells her that the application can only be considered if she pays him 1000 in local currency. Before she can respond, the officer declares that the application will only be approved if she agrees to pay him 10% of the loan as bribe.
She leaves the building frustrated, thinking she would be better off taking loan with high interest rate from a local landlord.
This is a fictional story, but corruption affects the daily lives of women and men around the world. Corruption is public enemy number one in developing countries. 

Does corruption affect your daily life? We want to hear from you.
Tell us what would you do to #takeon #corruption? 
We will curate your responses, share them in future blog posts, and feature them on our social media channels. We will also use your responses to shape our Google Hangout session on December 15. Stay tuned for more details.
For example, if you see a bridge that hasn’t been fully constructed, take a picture and post on social media with hashtag #takeon #corruption. Or if you see a sign or poster that says you shouldn’t give bribe to officials, share a picture of it on social media with hashtags: #goodgov or #takeon #corruption
Good governance is at the heart of fight against poverty.   Good governance can prevent corruption.

What’s one thing you will do to promote #goodgov?  

​If you have ideas on how each of us can promote #goodgov or #takeon #corruption in our own communities, send us an Instagram video with these hashtags: #goodgov #takeon #corruption.
We must do everything we can to prevent corruption and promote good governance. You can also help raise awareness about good governance and corruption prevention efforts by reading and sharing our stories on @Gov4Dev.
Are there other things we can do to raise awareness or encourage people to #takeon #corruption or promote #goodgov? Tell us in the comments! 

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Clifford Okwesi
November 18, 2014

We can fight corruption together. Nice!

Shaba Shams
November 20, 2014

We can design a financial model to stop corruption. #takeon #corruption #goodgov

November 27, 2014

I would like finance for a town be correct,orden,alot work,cosmopolitan and metropolitan

Clifford Okwesi
November 18, 2014

Nice. Together we can fight corruption.

November 27, 2014

i would like be member and help the comunity for have good justice.

November 27, 2014

i would like be member and help the comunity for have good justice.

k p sharma
November 23, 2014

Governance percolate from top to bottom including all good & bad.International financing agencies insisting on good governance help.

November 24, 2014

Prosecute, eliminate “MURDER- fraud- crime- injustice networks”= cruel tyranny= robbery machine = ROBBER- ISM; destroying essences of democracy, capitalism; continuing, on-going; relaying, penetrating every segment of our lives (inc. civic non- profit organizations); expanding here domestically to overseas- foreign countries; with threat, coercion, victimization, deprivation, discrimination; unjust practices, manipulation, influence; bad legislative bills; unjust hidden agenda; false/ misleading excuses (inc. private- public partnership, economic development, housing, school construction, transportation, abandonment of properties, paper roads

Eric Thor
November 27, 2014

public must pressure governments to be more transparent. Use social media and crowd-source developed web platforms along with public information to illuminate nepotism and corruption. Follow the money!!

Nvenge Cyril Visas
November 27, 2014

Corruption is a killer. I am from Cameroon which is arguably the most corrupt nation in the world. Every Cameroonian official thinks it is his God given right to be corrupt. Every day the government ones with new agencies to curb the practice it it seems like those agencies are instead there to promote it. I believe we can #take on #corruption by teaching the Ills of Corruption at every level of our educational ladder

Rochelle Dean
November 20, 2014

As a citizen of the Bahamas a developing country in the Caribbean, it is important for me to #takeon #corruption by becoming an advocate for the awareness of what it really is and the negative impact it has on the development and economic stability of nations. I believe that when people really identify and understand how #corruption can affect so many facets of a nations growth it will begin to look more like a threat and less like a gift.

Bataung Matsau
November 21, 2014

Corruption is discouraging for any legitimate budding entrepreneur!Case in point,I started a Cherry Jazz Festival at Ficksburg - my hometown - in 2005 for charity purposes,to promote tourism and local economic development in conjuction with the municipality however this initiative has been taken over by politicians for their own selfish reasons and now I am languishing in poverty not because of inablility but because my efforts to lift myself and others out of this situation are stymied at every turn.

Surinder Kumar Gujral
March 18, 2017

THe anti corruption tone has to come from the top. This has to be the part of Governance.The management has to set up/ create a anti-corruption structure, define, implement and see regularly that it is in place and in order.A web of internal controls and dicipline from top to bottom is created.