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Автор Varney Kamara,

Dear Victoria Lemieux.
Let me take this time to commend you for your very insightful comments and interesting posts on issues of citizens access to information, especially relating to the achievement of the sustainable development plan and the alleviation of poverty especially in poor countries that the Bank is trying to assist. I am head of a civil society coalition on Freedom of Information. My concern is, what mechanisms is the Bank putting into place to effective monitor governments in the FULL implementation of these "Pro-poor" policies with specific reference to the Sustainable Development Goals. Are you working with civil societies, by building their capacities to also assist in this direction? Or is this process only government-driven? I have already contacted the Independent Information Commission of Liberia. as a government entity to engage you to start a process of making FOI/ATI more impact in Liberia. I am ever ready to help further any initiative in that direction as head of the Liberia Freedom of Information Coalition and even beyond Liberia.