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March 2019

Which debt IT system? A helpful guide for public debt managers

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Photo: World Bank

As a practitioner with several years of government experience, and later as a public debt management advisor at the World Bank Treasury, I am often faced with these questions from our client countries: “Which Public Debt Management IT System is best for our needs?”, “Shall we build a software from scratch, or purchase an off-the-shelf system?”. With the increased focus on public debt transparency[1], having accurate and reliable debt data has a critical role in ensuring effective risk assessment to support sustainable borrowing and lending practices.

Five facts about gender equality in the public sector

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Editor's note: This blog post is part of a series for the 'Bureaucracy Lab', a World Bank initiative to better understand the world's public officials.

It is a well-known, if unacceptable, fact that women globally earn significantly less than men for doing the same work. In the United States, women famously earn “79 cents to the dollar a man earns”, and similar disparities hold across developed and developing countries for wage labor (WDR, 2012).