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July 2006

Development classics

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The ID21 service and the Institute of Development Studies are summarising some of the seminal work in international development research published since 1947. They are starting off with five classics from researchers who are or were based at IDS: Hans Singer, Dudley Seers, Richard Jolly, Michael Lipton and Robert Chambers.

Unfair trade: commodity producing poor countries lose out

Development Blogs

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Our friend and colleague from the PSD Blog, Pablo Halkyard, is leaving the World Bank. In his farewell post he reflects about the development blogosphere and includes a few links of interest, including their development blogroll with almost 200 entries.


Good luck and thank you to a pioneer of blogs at the World Bank.

More on Conditional Cash Transfers (CCT)

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The third International Conference on Conditional Cash Transfers (CCT) took place in Istambul, organized by the Turkish Government and the World Bank. Participants from over 40 countries got together to discuss this hot topic.


Conference materials are available at:


Our friends from PSD Blog are also blogging about it, with more links related to the topic:

Fridays Academy: Fiscal Policy and its impact

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From Raj Nallari and Breda Griffith's lecture notes.



Fiscal Policy and its Impacts

Through its decisions on fiscal policy, government can attempt to smooth business cycles and redistribute income. While these are good goals, overreaching on the fiscal side can lead to crowding out and inflation. Today we discuss these important issues.



Fiscal policy and the business cycle