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September 2006

Fridays Academy: Trade Policy and the Poor

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Like every Friday, from Raj Nallari and Breda Griffith's lecture notes.


Although there exists a near-consensus among economists that trade liberalization strongly promotes growth and reduces poverty, concern about its ill effects has not abated among policymakers and the general public. Against this backdrop, in upcoming weeks we will review the links between openness, growth, and poverty reduction after first presenting the rationale for trade.


Trade liberalization and gender: e-learning course (29 October - 17 November)

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This three-week on-line course is organized by the trade department at the World Bank Institute, and will run in parallel and draw on our eight-week course on Trade, Growth and Poverty, but focusing more on the Gender effects of trade liberalization.


Fridays Academy: Microfinance and the poor

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Like every Friday, from Raj Nallari and Breda Griffith's teaching notes.


(This posting draws heavily and exclusively on ‘Microfinance and the Poor – breaking down walls between microfinance and formal finance.’ Littlefield, E. and R. Rosenberg (2004) Finance and Development, June.)


Trade, Growth and Poverty: E-learning course

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At the World Bank Institute's Trade Department we are organizing this eight-week Internet course (29 Oct. - 22 Dec.) where we will look in detail and from different points of view at the very much discussed relationship between trade liberalization, growth and poverty.


Read more and apply.

Almost a free lunch: Lawrence Summers at the World Bank

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Lawrence Summers delivered today at the World Bank his presentation “Almost a Free Lunch: Investing Foreign Exchange Reserves in Global Equity Markets”, following similar presentations at the Reserve Bank of India in Mumbai or at the Center for Global Development in Washingt

Asia 2015: Promoting Growth, Ending Poverty

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The conference Asia 2015: Promoting Growth, Ending Poverty was held in March, organized by DFID, the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank. Its web site has plenty of papers, speeches, presentations and in general materials on growth and poverty in that region.