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November 2008

Ask Joseph Stiglitz

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Daniel Altman is organizing another Q&A session with Joseph Stiglitz in his blog Managing Globalization. Joseph Stiglitz will discuss the effects of the current financial crisis and the challenges that await the global economy.

This session promises to be interesting. You can send him your questions until this Friday.

Krugman on Economic Geography

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Dramatic decreases in costs of transport, communication and information technology should have reduced spatial disparities in economic activities and moved us to a ‘global village.’  Yet, we find that in both industrial and developing countries, economic activities are concentrated in a few centers and there are regional disparities.  For example, about 15 percent of world population live in temperate zones but produce 50 percent of world GDP.  In United States, counties that take up 2 percent of the land area produce more than half of U.S.