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November 2009

The Doha Trade Round is Worth Fighting For

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November marks the eighth anniversary of the Doha Development Agenda– the first multilateral trade negotiation under the auspices of the World Trade Organization.  But what started as a real opportunity to help poor countries prosper through trade, for some it has now become a lost cause. But Doha doesn’t have to be a metaphor for failure. We can still save it and make it work. After all, if we can’t fix Doha, how can we hope to address much greater challenges that confront us, such as climate change?

Brazil Fights Hunger & Illiteracy

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(Thanks and credits for sharing this information go to the Brazilian Secretariat of Social Communication - SECOM)


Social development and progress continue to stay strong in Brazil:


With one of the world’s largest populations, Brazil’s government has invested heavily in programs to eliminate poverty and hunger and improve access to services and opportunities in low-income communities. These efforts and their success to date earned Brazil’s President Lula UNESCO’s prestigious Félix Houphouët-Boigny Peace Prize in July, and Brazil’s Minister of Social Development the World Future Council’s Future Policy Award just a few weeks ago.


Detailed information can be found below.

ADePT: a Great Software for Data & Analytical Reports

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ADePT, the Software Platform for Automated Economic Analysis, is a free program designed to simplify and speed-up the production of analytical reports. Created by the Research Department (DECRG) of the World Bank, it can be used to extract indicators from micro-level surveys and present them in a print-ready form. ADePT can generate sets of about 50 print-ready tables and graphs in different areas of economic analysis, and already includes, among others, modules on Poverty, Inequality, Labor, Gender, Education, Health, and Social Protection.