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Brain Drain from Small Countries and its Growth Implications

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A new Policy Research Working Paper published by the World Bank's Development Research Group, by Frédéric Docquier and Maurice Schiff: Measuring Skilled Migration Rates: The Case of Small States

Recent changes in information and communication technologies have contributed to a dramatic increase in the degree of integration and interdependency of countries, markets, and people. Against this background, one aspect of particular concern for small states is the international movement of people. This paper focuses on this particularly important aspect of globalization, with emphasis on the movement of skilled people and its relationship with country size. In addition to overall skilled migration, it provides evidence that controls for migration age in order to distinguish between those educated in the home country and those educated abroad. The authors discuss the growth implications of the brain drain from small countries and policies that may help control it.

More information on International Migration and Development at the World Bank.

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