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Call for Papers: Poverty Reduction, Equity and Growth Network (PEGNet) Conference 2007

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PEGNet Conference 2007

Berlin (Germany), September 6-7, 2007


From the Kiel Institute for the World Economy site:


The program consists of a "research day" on September 6 and a "researchers-meet-practitioners day" on September 7. The "research day" will be organised as an academic conference with keynote speeches and parallel sessions. The "researchers-meet-practitioners day" will feature work-sessions with non-technical presentations and extensive room for discussions. Development researchers and practitioners are encouraged to attend on both days to enhance discussion and learning. The conference language will be English.


We are interested in high-quality papers that provide new insights into the relationship between growth, equity, and poverty reduction. Papers on the following issues are particularly welcome:

  • Scaling-up ODA to Africa
  • Empirical project evaluation
  • Performance-based aid allocation
  • Economic effects of HIV/AIDS
  • Employment and poverty
  • Economic effects of migration and remittances
  • Poverty reduction in conflict and fragile states
  • Prudent vs. imprudent lending

The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2007


See full announcement.


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Submitted by Patil Suryakant V. on
The migration from villages to town in search of of employment is main problem which results into difficulty in providing food water shelter in town. Migration is due to lack of employment in villages i agriculture and other.And unemployment is due to lack of water for drinkingand also irrigation to their own field.This is the main cause of migration of young generation towards town.To overcome this diffigulty provide infrastucture of irrigation to their fields.Irrigation also increase the employment potential in the form of farming operation which results in reduction in mail and female labour to the nearby villages. With the help of soil and water conservation work and participation of people,innovation and approach key success of dryland agriculture.The natural resourses like soil and water have to be managed properly so as to impove productivity of soil ,increase the production and sustain their families dependent on water shed area for their livelihood. to utilies optimum water for sustainable agriculture and product and with the help of political leader support we can successfully overcome this problem of ruler people. I have successfully completed project entitled as "Showing innovation and adaptation to meet the stakeholder's requirments",in a small remote hilly village Kolagewadi(kalgaon) Tahasil Patan,District Satara,state Maharashtra,in India with the help of Dept of Agriculture(Soil and Water Conservation ),Maharashtra Govt.

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