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Macroeconomic Management

Global Imbalances and Adjustment Scenarios

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How will global external imbalances adjust? Economists have vastly diverse views. The IMF presented two adjustment scenarios using its Global Economic Model, a benign baseline and a more abrupt adjustment. Depending on views regarding the probabilities of various adjustment scenarios, proposed policy responses differ. This note provides a survey of recent literature and summarizes diverse views on various assessment of the probability of a hard landing, and the proposed policy responses.

The Sources of Global External Imbalances

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Although the world economy has been growing at a decent rate in the last three years, the global current account imbalances have reached unprecedented levels.  On one hand, the US current account deficit rose from $665 billion in 2004, to $820 billion or 6 percent of GDP in 2005, and is expected to reach $900 billion in 2006.

The "Dutch Disease": Theory and Evidence

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The term “Dutch Disease” originated in the Netherlands during the 1960s, when the high revenue generated by its natural gas discovery led to a sharp decline in the competitiveness of its other, non-booming tradable sector. Despite the revenue windfall the new discovery brought, the Netherlands experienced a drastic decline in economic growth.