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Poverty Reduction Strategies

Presidential Candidates and Global Development (II)

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We already mentioned the Democratic Presidential Candidates' plans for Global Development if elected President (or when elected President, as one of them prefers to say).

At the ONE campaign's website "On the Record", you can check and compare the candidates' (Democratic and Republican) pledges.


Africa's sustained growth: Can we be optimistic?

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The World Bank's Africa Development Indicators (ADI 2007), launched yesterday in Johannesburg, would indicate that there is in fact reason to be optimistic.

During the last decade many African countries have achieved steady economic growth, much needed to reduce the levels of poverty in the continent. In the words of Obiageli Ezekwesili, World Bank Vice President for the Africa Region.

Development Marketplace for African Dispora in Europe (D-MADE)

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This World Bank initiative will, through a competitive process, award grants and technical assistance to innovative entrepreneurial projects that are designed by Africans, to support the development of Africa.


Elegible participants to the competition can be individuals or organizations emanating from the Sub-Saharan African diaspora, currently living in Europe and active in Africa. Applicants can be entrepreneurs, private investors, NGOs, civil society organizations, foundations, etc.

New blogs: End Poverty in South Asia / Paul Krugman

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Shanta Devarajan, Chief Economist of the South Asia Region at the World Bank, has recently started a blog to "create a conversation around how South Asia can end poverty in a generation". Its name: End Poverty in South Asia


Paul Krugman has also started blogging at the New York Times.