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Graduate Scholarship Program

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If you have been admitted to a development-related master’s degree program, are looking for funding and are from a World Bank member country eligible to borrow, the Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program might interest you.

Only a few days left to apply. Next deadline is March 31, 2009.

Eligibility Criteria

Application Guidelines

If you have any questions, please contact the program directly.

Good luck.


Submitted by Odeyemi Samuel Olusegun on
Sir/ma, I have just gained admission into Widener University as an undergraduate programme and I need your asistance in paying my tution fees. Thanks.

Dear Odemi, In order to apply for this year's World Bank Scholarship Program, please visit the following link on "How to Apply":,,contentMDK:20287345~menuPK:562884~pagePK:64168445~piPK:64168309~theSitePK:551644,00.html Best of luck! Ihssane

Submitted by Atrianus Mutungi on
Dear sir/madam I have an admission from Frankfurt University in Germany to study Master degree in ecology and evolution. Could you please sponsor my studies. Thank you in advance.

Hi Atrianus, Although it might be a little late in the process, the joint JJ/WBGS program might be of interest to you:,,menuPK:551650~pagePK:64168427~piPK:64168435~theSitePK:551644,00.html Good luck! Ihssane

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